Configuration, management, and support of servers based on Windows Server 2008

The course offers an initial training of specialists in the field of information technology in specialties such as technical support of computer systems based on Windows Server 2008Learning time is 72 academic hours.

Students successfully completed the course will be able to:

  •     Create and manage user accounts and computers
  •     Monitor the performance of the system
  •     Manage access to resources.
  •     Form groups and manage them.
  •     Implement group policies .
  •     Manage users and computers by using Group Policy .
  •     Audit the accounts and resources .
  •     Prepare to administer server resources .
  •     Implement configuration server for monitoring system performance.
  •     Manage data warehouses .
  •     Manage the process of recovery from a system failure .
  •     Perform software maintenance services with Microsoft Software Update Services

Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012

The course is designed for professionals in the IT field, having good knowledge and experience with Windows and needed to gain the knowledge and skills to implement basic infrastructure services in an existing Windows Server 2012 environment. Students should have hands-on experience with systems like Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8. Learning time is 72 academic hours.

Students successfully completed the course will be able to:

  • Install and configure Windows Server 2012 ;
  • Understand the functionality of Active Directory Domain Services and install a domain controller ;
  • Create and configure user , group and computer accounts ;
  • Use PowerShell and other command-line tools for creating and configuring objects Active Directory;
  • Configure IPv6 for simple scenarios;
  • Configure local storage on the server;
  • Create and protect shared network folders and printers ;
  • Create GPOs and manage them ;
  • Ensure the protection of Windows Servers c using group policies ;
  • Implement server virtualization through Hyper-V


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