The course "VMware vSphere: Overview" is designed for IT professionals working on the creation and maintenance of virtual and cloud environments. It introduces the basic features and functions of virtualization product VMware VSphere. It is also considered other products VMware. The course is based on the official training materials VMware® Education Services. Classes are distance, blended-distance or evening classes . 

Distance form. The course materials are self-studied online. Practical work is self-studied too ( access to the lab environment available by the internet). Complete training - 72 hours (the recommended schedule - 6 weeks).

Blended-distance form. Complete training - 72 hours (4 weeks). Education is constructed as follows : 50 hours ( 3 weeks) self-study material and 22 hours for full-time laboratory work. 

Evening form. Complete training - 72 hours ( 2 weeks). Three sessions a week .

Upon completion of training students receive a certificate and a 70% discount on the exam VCP.

After this course, you should be able to do the following:

  • Understand VMware virtualization concepts.
  • Deploy virtual machines using VMware vCenter Server™.
  • Perform live migrations using VMware vSphere® vMotion® and vSphere Storage vMotion.
  • Configure VMware ESXi™ clusters to automatically distribute virtual machine workloads.
  • Hierarchically allocate CPU and memory resources to specific business functions.
  • Use  vCenter Server performance graphs and alarms to proactively monitor the virtual datacenter.
  • Ensure high availability of applications with vSphere High Availability and VMware Fault Tolerance.
  • Understand how to extend vSphere capabilities.


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